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Forms- Generate text based on words entered on fields

asked on August 5

In Laserfiche Forms, how can we have a field that generates a sentence based on words entered on fields without having to submit form? For example, lets say we have 5 fields that are each filled out. We want a 6th field that will combine those words entered on the 5 fields. Essentially, this is to standardize verbiage that we use on alerts that we send out. 

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replied on August 5 Show version history

It depends on what type of fields you're using and exactly how you want everything to behave, but the easiest way is with Calculations.

If you're combined text is a field, you can set it to read-only and still use something like the CONCATENATE formula to dynamically generate the content.

For example,

Where First_Word and Second_Word are the actual field variables selected from the > menu.

From there you could do things like setting a Field Rule that only shows the combined field when all the other fields are not empty, or you could include IF functions in the calculation so it only combines the text when the values are filled, but that would result in a pretty complicated function if you have a lot of fields to combine.

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