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Is it possible that Laserfiche can install in Alibaba Cloud virtual servers

asked on August 4

If Laserfiche can install in Alibaba Cloud, could anyone share the experience. THX

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Hi Erica,

Yes. Self-hosted Laserfiche systems do not have restrictions on server hosting providers.

The only requirements are that the server operating systems and databases follow the Supported Configurations list.

On Alibaba Cloud, this would mean:


Once those infrastructure resources are provisioned, you install Laserfiche like normal. If you use the ApsaraDB RDS for SQL Server service you may need to pre-create empty databases for the various Laserfiche applications rather than creating them through the Laserfiche installation wizards.

Customers using virtual servers from any cloud provider should use a domain-locked Laserfiche license since the server "hardware fingerprints" can change and invalidate the default machine licenses. Domain licenses do not have this issue. As a Solution Provider, you can submit the request from the "Activation Keys" section of your Laserfiche Support Site account (scroll all the way to the right). Please reach out to your Laserfiche Sales contact if you need any assistance and they can show you the process.

Hope that helps!



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replied on August 12


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