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Form Sign control of Laserfiche Cloud - Forcing Draw

asked on August 4


We have a requirement from a client that requires form users to sign a form. Using the built-in Laserfiche sign from control, they are able to type OR sign (draw) their signature. We basically want to hide the 'type' option, or at minimum ensure they draw their signature. Is this possible? Given there is no configurable option I'm guessing the only way to do this is via css. Has anyone got this working? Similar to the below issue, but that was for on-premise.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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replied on August 8

For anyone interested in the answer, the code was pasted in the original solution

  $("#sigNav a:eq(0)").hide();
  $("#form-signature-dlg").on("", function(){$("#sigNav a:eq(1)").click();});

but the jquery simply doesn't work in the Modern Form designer, I needed to redesign my entire form (and style it) in the Classic designer. Laserfiche peeps we'd REALLY appreciate if this worked in the Modern Form designer, which produces much prettier forms and is easier to work with.



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