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Pattern Matching - Need help with a regular expression

asked on August 3


I need help with a regular expression again. Screenshot below:

I'm trying to capture the text "a resolution to compile ordinances as a supplement to the code of ordinances of the city of cityname." This section of the document will always come after "City of Cityname" near the top, and come before the word "WHEREAS" right below it. I can't get anything to work - anyone have some insight?


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replied on August 3

Hi Jacob - are you able to please post an example of the text as it has been OCR generated?

I suspect you'll need to do something with the carriage return and/or new line characters (\r and \n) but it's unclear until we see how the captured text looks.


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replied on August 3 Show version history

As Duncan mentioned the result will largely be dependant on the Text / OCR .

Assuming you have text generated for the document.

Using the example text provided, I used the below with good results. 

Good luck!

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