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Laserfiche Team and United Sunset Announcement

posted on July 1, 2022

Starting January 1, 2023 we will no longer accept expansion sales for existing Laserfiche Team and United accounts. After that date, customers who would like to add on to their implementation will need to upgrade to one of our more modern offerings such as a Laserfiche subscription system (self-hosted or Laserfiche Cloud), or a perpetual Laserfiche Rio/Laserfiche Avante system. Customers who do not need to expand and wish to remain on their current Laserfiche Team or United package can continue to renew Support. At this time, we are no longer accepting multi-year contracts for Laserfiche Team and United support renewals. Customers can continue to renew Support on an annual basis or upgrade for a multi-year option.

Beginning July 1st, 2023, a 10% uplift in the Laserfiche Team and United support renewals will begin. This is a flat uplift applied across all products in the legacy suite. It is our first price adjustment in over a decade. Additionally, these products require tenured engineers to maintain, test and troubleshoot. The price increase will help justify continuing to invest in this effort. 

We encourage customers on these legacy Laserfiche Team and United platforms to reach out to their Solution Providers to learn more about our more modern product offerings as well as ongoing upgrade promotions. 


• January 1, 2023: Laserfiche Team and United expansion orders no longer accepted. Existing customers can continue to renew annual support plans.
• July 1, 2023: 10% price increase in Laserfiche Team and United Support renewal rates.


replied on March 10, 2023

Hello Catherine, could you please clarify if the technical support of the Laserfiche United version 11 licensing will be supported for 5 years after the announcement of the Laserfiche version 12?

replied on March 10, 2023

Hi Daniel - Please refer to this newer version of the announcement which goes into more detail of the items you are asking about:

But also, yes it will be.

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