posted on June 28, 2022

If for any reason you get lock out of the Web Access config page while configuring Directory Server then try the following workaround instead of having to uninstall/reinstall Web Access:


1. Go to C:\Program Files\Laserfiche\Web Access\Web Files\Config. Locate WebAccessConfig file and search for LFDSSettings Enabled block. Change from True to False.


2. Go to C:\Program Files\Laserfiche\Web Access\Web Files\web.config. Locate the authentication block in web.config, and change the mode variable to Windows. This will allow you to access the web client configuration page using Windows authentication, so that you can correct your configuration
if you don't know the above trick you might endup uninstalling and installing Laserfiche WebAccess in order to get fresh Laserfiche WebAccess/Webclient Configuration Page.
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