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SQL Query to find missing documents/images inside a volume

asked on June 21 Show version history

I had to restore a volume from a year ago and I am finding some pages missing on the backup.  We have found very few images missing from a search inside the client.  I just want to be sure so I would rather just run a sql query for missing/broken images, pdfs, documents.  




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replied on June 21 Show version history

I don't think you'd be able to do this directly in SQL.

The database contains all the information about what is in the repository and where to find it in the volumes, but it doesn't do the actual work of accessing the info in the volumes, so it wouldn't have a way to identify missing information in the volume.

However, I believe that Laserfiche has a tool to address exactly this kind of issue:

I haven't used it myself, so I cannot comment on it's functionality and usage, but I've seen it referenced on other Answers posts in the past.


Updated to Add:   According to a response on this post:  the tool isn't updated for newer versions and you need to reach out to Tech Support to request access to their updated "Repository Consistency Checker" tool.

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replied on June 21

Confirming that this scenario is one best covered by the Volume Consistency Checker utility. I believe you (or your SP) may need to reach out to Laserfiche Support to get the latest version of the utility. The one linked in the Solutions Exchange article above is v8 and I don't think the new one has a public download right now.

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replied on June 22

VOLCON checker found 49 missing images.  I am going to take that as a win.  Thanks!

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