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WF history in designer only goes back one to adjust it?

asked on June 21

I was using WF designer and was investigating what happened to a particular entry from 6 months back. A WF apparently changed the name of the entry and now it’s near impossible to find. I know it’s possible to look at the outcome of a workflow that happened weeks, even months ago. But mine only goes back about a month.


My organization just did an upgrade to LF 11 while simultaneously  installing a new server arrangement, so I believe this has something to do with it. 


Is there a setting in the LF Admin Console or Workflow Administration to adjust how long the history is kept? 



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replied on June 21

Mine are still at the default, so I haven't tested changes to this, but unless I'm mistaken, what you are looking for is in the Workflow Administration Console > Server Configuration > Advanced Server Options.

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replied on June 21

Workflow clears out instance data 30 days after an instance completes. That is the default setting. You can adjust that from the Workflow Administration Console. Upgrading would not have changed this value.

Be aware that extending the retention period for historical data may have an impact on the size of the SQL database used by Workflow.

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