asked on June 20

Hi all,

When we use a Rule that inserts data in a Look-Up table, and has fields that are DateTime; it seems as though the rule will fail when the Input Parameter for a DateTime field has a "(none)" (empty) value.

When we do the same thing for a 'String' Input Parameter there is no issue, and the Rule will accept an empty value.

With DateTime, an empty value will always get "String was not recognized as a valid DateTime".

If we 'force' some kind of default DateTime, then it will go in... but we want to essentially have a 'null value' be possible.

The only alternative is to make a second rule that conditionally doesn't attempt to use that Input Parameter when it has a null value, but it seems crazy to have to make a copy of the rule only to accommodate that possibility.

Am I missing anything? Is there a way to push a "(none)" value into a DateTime Input Parameter in an Insert Data Rule?

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