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Laserfiche 11 Web Client export URL is not working

asked on June 7 Show version history

Hi, We have recently upgraded to Laserfiche 11 in our test environment. What we have noticed is that the export URL is not working as mentioned in the documentation. We use this URL heavily as it is stored in another system for users to download LF attachments.




It always show a blank page and does not download file. We have reproduced it in two different environments of LF 11. It's fine in LF 10.4.2 that we were using previously.



Is there any hotfix or resolution for that?


Edit: Same problem after applying Web Client 11 update 3.


In the browser, getting some errors.

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replied on June 7

This does appear to be an issue with our latest release. I've filed it as bug #381460. You can track the progress if you open a support case.

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replied on June 7

Hi Brian, Thanks for the confirmation of issue and filing a bug. Can there be any workaround till the bug is fixed?

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replied on June 9

I've looked into it a bit and it appears that the problem is that the patch for Update 3 is missing file. The old version, which you probably still have, is not compatible with other changes that the patch installed, and that is causing the script error.

We'll need to confirm this finding, and decide how we want to deliver the fix (make Update 4 or re-release Update 3), and I don't have an ETA for a proper release. If you go through support they can give you earlier access. The other option is that it appears that a clean install doesn't have this problem, since it installs the latest version of all the files. I know that's a pain, but it's something you can do now.

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replied on June 10

I remember that I had a clean installed on one of the server and the same issue appeared. Anyhow, I will try that again by uninstalling and doing LF Web Client 11 clean install.


Are there any specific things I have to take care while uninstalling and reinstalling Web Client 11 for the clean install?

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replied on September 20 Show version history

@████████has this issue been fixed yet? I don't see it listed in any KB.

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replied on September 21

I haven't follow up on this part. There was a bug filed against it but no update as of my knowledge.


For my case, I had to add redirect script in the file to document view page as workaround and users can download manually from the toolbar.

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replied on September 21


I opened a case with my VAR and looks like LF still has not addressed this issue or provided a patched workaround, like a redirect script in IIS. That's a clever idea and one I would like to see provided to clients. 

It is a little crazy that this issue is still outstanding!

I'll have to find all my workflows with URL activities and change them off the export/download option. I don't know of an easy way to identify all these without going into each individually.

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replied on September 23

We haven't released a fix yet, but support has given it out for a few cases.

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replied on September 25

Is there any plan to fix this?


I have another post related to mobile App where a bug was identified and filed. But no update since couple of months now.

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replied on September 22


replied on September 22 Show version history

Drew, in the future there is a Subscribe button in the top right of the post wink

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