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Laserfiche Cloud Backup

asked on June 6, 2022

Hi Everyone,

is it possible to backup data hosted Laserfiche Cloud, any integration using 3rd party solution such as Commvault?  or are they allowed to customer to backup?

thank you.

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replied on June 6, 2022

Hi Benjamin - at the moment (as far as I'm aware) the only option is manual export/save of workflows, processes, data tables, etc one by one.

Some kind of tool (or connection to 3rd party solution) that automated the full periodic export of Process Automation suite content would be great though. 

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replied on June 7, 2022

thanks Duncan. just to clarify, do they grant customer access to run backups on-demand or its more an export process/tasks? 

thanks again.


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replied on June 7, 2022 Show version history

Hi Benjamin.

For repository you can allow users who have View repository access/feature rights to export a briefcase - which is an easy way to periodically back-up the folders/files/metadata.

For Processes - if you allow customers to export them you have to give them either 'Process Manager' or 'Process Adminsitrator' rights, which also means they can edit/delete etc - so it would need to be someone with full training and who was able to have that level of privilege.

For 'tasks' - I don't think it is possible to export out 'in flight' tasks that are running for the purposes of 'backing them up'. You can only export the Process XMLs themselves (form and business process designs). You can download instance data as a CSV/XLSX, but these can't be 're-uploaded', so not a true backup.

I believe this is all correct - but someone from Laserfiche or a more clued up VAR might be able to jump in here if I'm wrong wink


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replied on June 9, 2022

thanks for additional details. yes, youre correct, its not a true backup and also to me addition manual tasks. In my understanding its a SaaS on AWS, would each client environment/instances deployed as a separate resources (web server, db, storage) or shared? if isolated, could these resources be backed-up at vm, db and storage level?


thanks again!

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replied on June 9, 2022 Show version history

Hi Benjamin - I agree.

Feature Request for Laserfiche would be (at additional reasonable cost if necessary) to allow for granular back-up/restore.

Currently there is the possibility to go back to a previous version of a business process; however there isn't the possibility to 'roll back' a business process (i.e. prior to a bunch of submissions), or a data table etc. Would be great if this was possible.

Even just the ability to restore the entire Cloud instance to a time within a set range of days ago would be better than nothing.

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replied on July 3, 2023



Can anyone from Laserfiche comment on whether or not backing up directly from Laserfiche Cloud (AWS) will be possible in the future?


Thanks in advance,



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