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Feature Request: OAuth2 for Web Request Activity in Cloud

asked on May 17

Hi All,

We've recently started using Laserfiche Cloud to build some demo sites for customers. One thing that we tend to do for some customers is to integrate Laserfiche with DocuSign. We do this via Workflow for our on premise solutions, by generating a document via mail merge and then sending this to DocuSign using the Web Request activity.

DocuSign (along with many other API providers) are now transitioning to only allow authentication to their API via OAuth2. Could I raise a feature request for this to be supported by the web request activity in cloud out of the box?

Currently it is only possible to use basic authentication for web request activities, which means that we can't use the activity to authenticate to services like DocuSign.

Many thanks,


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replied on May 17

Hi Dan,

I checked with the team and this one is already on our list. We've definitely observed that services are increasingly transitioning to only allowing API access via OAuth 2.0 so my understanding is that it's up there in priority. I don't have a specific timeline to share right now though.

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replied on July 10

Hi Samuel - great to hear this is coming. Please add our vote for this feature.

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replied on July 20

That's great to hear - thanks Sam!

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