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Address Field Missing for Canadian Laserfiche Cloud Users

posted on May 13

Hi everyone. 

So we are new to Laserfiche Cloud and are discovering some of the "changes" from on prem to Cloud. One of which is the lack of Address Field. 

Laserfiche has informed us that the Address Field is not available for Laserfiche Cloud Canada customers. This seems a little unfair as we have been using and will be using an Address Field for many of our forms. Rather than creating an Address Form template as we would like to use some of the ones in the Marketplace, are there other organizations out there in Canada that are in LF Cloud who would like to see this field available for its customers? 

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replied on May 13

Hi Sherri,

I believe the address field is not present in the CA Cloud release because there were concerns that it (at this time) was specifically a US address field components and that customers outside the US would not want to use a non-globalized field in that way. I don't believe self-hosted has non-US based address fields either. Can you provide more information into what you feel you are missing with the field not being there, and if it would have even worked for you being based around US address assumptions? Thanks!

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replied two days ago

We were able to use the address field previously by adding in some javascript to reflect Canadian Province, postal code. This was able to import from our on premise LF Forms but we cannot add any new ones.


$(document).ready (function () {
$(".Country").parent().children().css('display', 'none'); 
   $(".Postal").siblings().text('Postal Code');
  $(".Address1").siblings().text('Mailing Address');


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replied on May 13

Can you give some more context for this question? If we're talking about repository metadata, it's as customizable in the Cloud as it is self-hosted. The management interface is even the same:

I'm not aware of any functional differences between the regions that would limit the customizability of the product.

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