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Workflow error - Connection sql lost

asked on May 12


I created a loop in my workflow. In this loop, I'm searching all files in a folder and for each entry, I'm using a SQL request to fill fields (select). During the process, the workflow lost the connection to the SQL Server and some entries are not complete. Is it possible to wait and/or repeat the process if the connection is lost? How can I check the SQL connection in the process?


Thanks in advance.


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replied on May 13

Workflow has an activity called try-catch.  You are able to put the particular activity that was failing/throwing errors into the try branch and then activities to handle the failure into the catch branch.

That way, instead of the workflow terminating when the activity has an error it’ll move to the catch branch and continue on.

You could try: search - catch: wait x minutes and search again.

You can also nest try-catch activities by putting additional try-catch activities into the catch branch to try again after the first failure.

Since it sounds like you are already looping and doing the query again, your catch branch may only need a wait activity to delay it a bit before it runs again.

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replied on May 13

I've noticed some goofiness with Try-Catch within a loop, where it seems like it doesn't fire off the error event until it's done looping through everything. Not sure if that's just special circumstances, but maybe @████████ has more info.

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