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LF Connector and MS Edge version 101.0.1210.32

posted on May 3, 2022 Show version history

As an FYI to anyone else who may have encountered this, the recent update to Edge (101.0.1210.32) appears to have impacted Connector.

After the update installed, none of our users could see Connector icons in Microsoft Edge and shortcut key weren't working either.

Something about the update seems to be preventing Connector from running, so we had to roll back to the previous release.

Laserfiche is aware of the problem, but as a short-term workaround we used the following guide to do an organization-wide rollback.

Microsoft Edge rollback for enterprises | Microsoft Docs

Going back to build 100.0.1185.57 was enough to get Connector working in the short term so we could buy some time.

UPDATE: According to LF support, deleting URL restrictions will also allow the icons to display, albeit with the side effect of exposing profiles regardless of the URL.

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replied on May 4, 2022 Show version history

I noticed the same issue with profiles not working in MS Edge. However, I also noticed that the equivalent Google Chrome v101 profiles still work and detect URLs properly.

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