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Self-Hosted Modern Form JavaScript Support

asked on April 25, 2022

We found that even in the newest Forms 11 update 2, there is still no JavaScript support for self-hosted modern forms even though there is in LF Cloud.  Is there an ETA for when this is coming to self-hosted?

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replied on April 27, 2022

There is plan to add JavaScript for new form in the next update of self-hosted Forms, we currently target to release the update before the end of this year. 

Have you tried the JavaScript with new form in Coud, does it satisfy your business needs?

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replied on June 16, 2022

Is there any additional documentation on JavaScript in Cloud Modern Forms or is this it?

The LFForm Object (


Also - how do we find the Field ID's needed when using this? I was not able to find a Field ID displayed anywhere on the Forms for each Field but likely looking in the wrong places.

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replied on June 17, 2022

The documentation link is correct. You can get the field ID from the form canvas if you click the JavaScript button in the toolbar, the number in the id. 

It is not easy to understand that is the Field ID, we will improve it in future updates. 

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replied on June 17, 2022

Is there anything I would have done that would be hiding this? I do see it if I go into another Business Process but for some reason this specific form is not displaying it for me. I removed any CSS I had as a test but I still do not get the ID numbers.

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replied on June 21, 2022

Please check whether you have unchecked the "Display CSS selectors" option in CSS section under Theme.

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