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How to launch an offline form via URL?

asked on April 12, 2022

I don't believe this is currently supported, but I'm wondering if anyone has thought of any clever workarounds for this functionality.

We have field technicians that don't always have internet connection on their tablets. They are using another app that contains links to each of their Laserfiche forms, and passing parameters from that app into the URLs to trigger (offline) lookups. The problem is that these URLs do not work when they are offline.


Any ideas are appreciated, thank you!


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replied on April 13, 2022

Hi Michelle, you can only use/launch Offline Forms from within the Laserfiche app. There is not URL reference to the forms in the LF App.


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replied on April 13, 2022

Thanks Steve, I am aware this isn't currently supported, I was hoping someone had a creative workaround for this process.

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replied on July 21, 2023 Show version history

Hi Michelle!

Are these the same forms repeatedly? If so, there is a (somewhat finicky) workaround.


  1. Send a mobile app link to the phone (email, text), which will either start lfmobile:// (old format) or  (new format)
    1. Most devices we tried only worked with one of these options, but it varied from device to device which one to use. The new format (http://) worked with more devices
    2. If it’s not working with either, try clearing the browser cache
  2. Turn off internet connectivity (both wifi and cell)
  3. Open the link. This should take you to a page with the mobile link in the URL and an error message about connectivity
  4. Use the browser to “Add to Home Screen”, which will also allow you to customize the shortcut name. 
  5. Turn internet connectivity back on and connect to the link (to cache the app forwarding in the browser)
    1. Doing this once should make the link work while offline in the future as well


If they aren't using the same forms repeatedly, that would also be good to know, as we're trying to better understand current use cases for mobile devices.

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