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Mobile - errors when connecting to mobile server

asked on March 3, 2022 Show version history


We have a customer who contacted us today regarding the mobile app. They're getting "network failure" and "server could not be found" errors when entering the mobile server URL. I can not replicate this on iOS, but I found an old Android tablet and sure enough, I can replicate this behavior with it. If I choose "cancel" when the error pops up, I can proceed to enter my username and password and log in to the repository just fine, although the app defaults to displaying the offline forms page, which is confusing because I can navigate to the regular forms and start a process just fine.

I've had them uninstall and reinstall the mobile app to make sure they're on the latest version. Mobile server version is iOS app version is 2022.2.28.754107, Android version is 2022.2.28.754108.

Customer stated this just started this morning. Anyone else have anything similar happen recently?

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replied on March 4, 2022

Hi Jacob, does this occur whenever you try to log in on that old tablet, or intermittently? And what's the Android OS version?

We can't seem to reproduce the issue on our android devices. If you could open a support case and provide us with a test account, that would be easier for us to troubleshoot. 

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replied on March 7, 2022

I opened a support case, but the issue ended up resolving itself. Thanks!

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