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[Feature Enhancement] [Forms 11] Attach Error Message to Suspension Email

posted on February 21, 2022

Hi team,

On complex, large volume processes we regularly get suspended instances due to many different reasons (workflow dependency, improperly configured fields, email, resource off line/unavailable etc).

One feature enhancement I'd like to request is the ability to attach a copy of the "error" log text (from monitor view) to the suspension email configured for the business process.

This could be attached as a .txt or .log or in the body of the email.

For VARs this would allow us to set up suspension notices to our ticketing systems and allow us to act/react more accurately with the right resource given the nature of the suspension.

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replied on March 2, 2022

Hi Kris,

    In most of the cases, even you have the error log at hand with the email notification, you still need to open the instance for further investigation, right?

   If the error log is viewable right after open the instance after support the feature you requested from, do you still need the error message be attached to the email? 

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replied on March 2, 2022

Hi Xiuhong,

Yes we would still like to see this added as a feature. This improvement is aimed at helping VARs/third-party IT to proactively support critical business processes and workflows for customers where reaction time for a suspension, or worse, termination is essential. In some cases, as the VAR we may not be licensed as a user, and therefore we may not be in a position to log in and retrieve the error message without additional steps (e.g. remote desktop) with the client.

Thank you for checking and acknowledging this feature! 

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