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Validation Error

asked on February 9, 2022 Show version history

I have come across validation error on upload button. I have made the field required but even if the field is not filled or is null the form accepts and submits it and later on it fails and keeps a copy in the outbox.

I am using,



LS mobile Server

Forms 11.0221.1.20436

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replied on February 13, 2022

Hi Binod,

Thanks for reporting the issue. I can recreate it with our test environment and identify it as a bug in Laserfiche App offline form. Bug 364350 is filed for tracking.

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replied on September 18

Hello Ziyan Chen,

Any luck on this issue. Has the validation error in upload feild  especially for offline forms solved ?

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replied on October 9

Hi Binod, unfortunately not yet. @████████ Is there an ETA for this bug fix?



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replied on October 11 Show version history

Hi Binod,

Our internal testing shows that this only occurs for the following scenario:

  1. Using classic forms, rather than the modern layout designer
  2. The form includes a required upload field, and the user does not include a file
  3. The form is completed offline


As such, the workaround is to convert to a modern form if you need to require an uploaded file on a form primarily for offline use.

We don't have an ETA at this time, so I recommend converting your form if this issue is urgent for you.

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replied on October 11

Thank you for your recommendations Brianna. 

I have changed the Classical forms to Modern Form. The upload field is checking validation now, however I have problems with Javascript and the Javascript doesnot work in the new form or it is made more difficult to code.

1. I need a feature to be able to do with JAVAscript to check barcode if that has been scanned previously and alert the form user with a pop up message. This is a very not to ignore feature for our project process. It is/was working fine in Classic Form designer.

2. Now that I have upgraded the Form system to Upgrade 4 after support's recommendation, I cant use the earlier version phone app which was working fine. " WHen the app tries to connect to the Forms server there is an error saying " Forms serverr cannot be reached {0}"

Note: Offline forms are  very crucial part of our business process and 99 percent of processes are done utilizing offline forms.

Do you have any recommendations?

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replied on October 12 Show version history

You can make a separate post (to be more visible) asking for specific help on converting the form. A large number of features, including additional barcode support, have been added, which is likely why support recommended an upgrade to update 4.

Since you are unable to convert the form immediately, then users will unfortunately continue to see this delayed-error behavior for incorrectly completed offline forms. The behavior we are aware of does not prevent submission of a form when the required file is attached or result in data loss.

There may be a way to do a custom check for the file using JavaScript if receiving the error message for a missing file upload immediately is critical.

I recommend a support case for your app connection issue -- after making sure you are on the latest version of the app.

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replied on July 14, 2022

Hi Any luck on this? I am wondering if I am seeing this as well. I am on the iOS app v2022.5.3.800402

mobile server is

server is

forms instance 11.0.210610331

and my offline forms that should be ready to be uploaded are failing and not able to go.



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