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Feature Request: Merge Folders/Documents

posted on January 27, 2022

This is a fairly minor thing, but I've been doing some clean up in one of my repositories and realized a Merge option could be really handy.

What I'm envisioning is some kind of "Merge" option in a right-click menu when you have multiple folders or documents selected.

When selected, you could:

  • Choose what name to use (from one of the selected or edit)
  • Chose what template/fields to keep
  • etc.


Probably need an extra confirmation message at the end to warn the user before actually doing the merge, but it could save a lot of time and would be less prone to error than drag-and-drop.

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replied on September 23, 2022

This feature would be a life saver when trying to move large sets of data. I currently have 6,000+ folders to move into an existing folder structure and because they have the same names I have to go through them 1-by-1. It's over 100GB of data, so briefcasing the data isn't the easiest option either.

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replied on January 28, 2022

Love this!!!

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replied on January 27, 2022



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