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Access denied. [9013] using Windows Authentication signin to repository

asked on January 24, 2022

Using Laserfiche 10.4.3.


I've logged into the WebAdmin using my Windows user and created a repository with this user successfully. I then try to sign in to the repository using this same user but get an error Access denied. [9013].


Both the WebAdmin and Laserfiche server are running on my local machine.


Am I missing something? Do I need to add the user to the repository even though I created the repository with the user? I've tried adding the Windows user to the repository named users but get an error: Trustee not found. [9012].

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replied on January 24, 2022

The reason for the difference is that there is a concept of a 'system manager' connection that is really only used for the exact purpose you describe above - creating repositories or a couple other settings at a purely server-wide level. That's because there's no way to log into a repository if you haven't created one. Signing in as a windows admin on the Laserfiche Server machine is an easy way to be in this group.

Once you are doing into actions within the repository itself though, that is no longer relevant and further actions require access to the repository itself. has more information on this concept. 

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replied on January 24, 2022

Windows accounts need to be trusted for login in the repository.

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