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Feature Request: Date/Time Variables in Process Modeller for Activities

posted on January 20, 2022

Hi team,

Just a small quality of life request to improve working with date and time based variables in the Laserfiche Forms 11 Process Modeller.

Would it be possible to add some additional date/time sub sections to the variables list where we can customise how and where we want the date displayed/used?

Specifically drop down options for both breaking down the Instance start times, and more importantly, being able to reference the "activity" execution date/time. So when the storage activity is triggered, to be able to call and use components of that date and time for storage.  For example:

Activity > Date Variables
- YYYY (2022)
- MM (01)
- DD (21)
- Month (January)
- Day (Friday)

Activity > Time Variables
- AM/PM (10:21:14 PM)
- 24 Hour (15:35:14)

This way, when a Storage Activity is run, we can utilise components of the date/time in the storage path, document name or even meta data fields.

  • /Archive/Sales Contracts/2021/[2021-11-16] Contract Name.pdf
  • /Archive/Sales Contracts/YYYY/[YYYY-MM-DD] Contract Name.pdf
  • /Credit Approvals/2022/01 - January/Customer Name - Approved.pdf
  • /Credit Approvals/YYYY/MM - MONTH/Customer Name - OUTCOME.pdf

These are just some example storage paths that are natively impossible and requires additional effort (either using an external workflow to manage the files, or calling hidden fields from your form that you configured with formulas that calculate the date time).

So hopefully it isn't too big of an ask, but one of the greatest features of the Forms process modeller is being able to directly store files and attachments into the Laserfiche repository, without needing to externally invoke the Workflow engine.

Hope it is something the team could consider!


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replied on May 4, 2023

We are also looking for the ability to utilize functionality like this.  ISO standard date is YYYY-MM-DD, not the standard US format.


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replied on January 21, 2022


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replied on January 21, 2022

I love this!  I regularly go the route of “…calling hidden fields from your form that you configured with formulas that calculate the date time…” to achieve this, because so many things in our repository use month and year folder structure or just want to include a date in the file name formatted as yyyy/mm/dd (that format alphabetizes dates) instead of the default US format.  I’ve always been frustrated that I didn’t have as much power to format variables in Forms that is possible with Tokens in Workflow.

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