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How to retrieve a report in Laserfiche by username

asked on January 19

Is it possible to retrieve a report in Laserfiche by a specific username for a specific time frame?

If this is possible, do I need specific rights to do it?



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replied on January 20

Are you trying to find a document, or produce an audit report?

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replied on January 20

I am trying to find documents under a specific form type that have been a approved by one user with a specific effective date.

I know you can search for it but sometimes it is very difficult to filter the right documents since it will give all results. Another thing is that I am working together with different departments. 

Thank you, Sandy

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replied on January 21 Show version history


  I'm assuming that you mean a completed Laserfiche Forms form, that was saved by a "Save to Repository" action.  The answer really depends on what information is stored with the document.  Is the form type part of the name, or is it saved in a field in the metadata, or is each form assigned its own template or folder?  Is the effective date the same as the creation date of the document or, again, stored in the metadata?  The user name is probably not the user that created the document, but ... maybe in the metadata?

  The only rights you would need is the access right to read the metadata.

  You should probably read Advanced Search (


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replied on January 27

The form type in the metadata has a specific name "Fee Management Payments". Each document/form has its assigned folder after approval where it is stored.

The effective date is not the same as the creation data of the document, but it is stored in the metadata. 

I was talking earlier about the user name. The user name is the person who approved the document and then it will be stored in its designated folder.  

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