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Can Forms stages be used as report filters?

asked on January 19

I was thinking the stages that can be added to the process desinger could be used as a filter in a report. I can not find it anywhere though, is it not possible to filter by stage when building a custom report?

For example, we only want to report on data that has surpassed an approval stage.

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replied on January 19 Show version history

For on premise, I was never able to find a way to report on this natively, so my workaround was:

1) Include a single hidden field on a form called "Stage".

2) Use external workflow to change that field's value as it passes from one stage to the next.

For example, when an item transitions from Stage 01: Review to Stage 02: Approval, the workflow would update the field to "02. Approval" thereby allowing us to report on all instances currently at "02. Approval".

It aint pretty, but it works. Not sure if it possible to do the same in Cloud.

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