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asked on January 14

I am developing a new form base on an older timesheet. In the new form, I need to pull the values from a table and do a calculation based on the selection.

Here is the original table called Timesheet.

In a separate table, I need to assign a value of 30 if the Convention column is "Conv. Allowance" in the original table. I will need to do this for the Partner's Allowance as well, but it will have its own column.

My problem is that it is filling 30 for everything, regardless of the selection in the Timesheet table.

I've tried to work my way through logically using the following formulas.


  • Pulls TRUE, FALSE according to checked box.



  • Fills the number 0, regardless of selection



  • Fills the number 30, regardless of selection


How can I get it to pull 30 only if "Conv. Allowance" is checked?



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replied on January 14 Show version history

So I think the problem you're running into is that the value of the "checked" variable is a true boolean value rather than a string value of "TRUE"

It displays as "TRUE" in a field because a formula will convert it to text in that instance, but when you're using the raw value in a calculation it is not actually a string.

It looks like the parentheses are off on the TEXT function which is probably why that isn't working as expected, but it adds an unnecessary layer to it all anyway.

If you evaluate it directly in the IF with no comparison, it should work the way you want.



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replied on January 14

Overthinking is not helpful. Thanks for taking it back a step. I tried this and it did work .

Thank you.

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