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Updating with _key in Cloud

asked on January 14

In data tables in cloud there is the _key value.  I assume that this is the embedded unique ID of each table.  Is this not exposed to Workflow?  I am trying to write an update rule and update the row based on the key value.  The key can be selected in the rule when you hit add all but doesn't seem to work when updating nor does it seem to show when you export the data table.



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replied on January 14 Show version history

Hi Chris, _key is indeed an internal value for the system. While the internal key is exposed to Workflow, it is not exportable and you cannot control its starting point in case you want to adjust data. We would advise adding your own key to the table.

My team indicates that the _key is the row number for rows that existed when the source file was uploaded, and then a GUID for anything inserted afterward.

In short, don't use _key in your workflows.

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replied on January 14

Thanks Sam, I already added the ID and such.  Was just curious as to what the rules against _key were.  Appreciate the info.

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