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Uploading document in a forms collection and storing metadata correctly?

asked on January 12

I have a form with a collection that allows a file upload.  HR will use this form to upload documents for multiple employees.  When saving the attachments to the repository I want to be able to associate the employee number for an individual record in the collection as metadata for that record's uploaded file.  I've tried this:


but it stores all employee numbers from the collection into each record's uploaded document.  I've also tried this:


but it stores nothing in the metadata.

Is there a way to do this?


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replied on January 12 Show version history

Remove the 0 from the parentheses. It should just be [Row()] to indicate the row function, like


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replied on January 12

Can't believe I missed that...I had it set up that way in another form so I have that knowledge but it was temporarily lost!



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replied on January 12

It happens, I still had to open up one of my forms to confirm lol

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