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How to get EntryID within a Business Process

asked on January 12

Hi all,

I need to pass the EntryID of a form that's been saved to the repository to another step in the Business Process, but I'm unsure how to do so. I'd think since the Service Task just saved the Form, it should know the EntryID of the document as a process variable but I can't seem to locate this anywhere.

Is this possible in Business Process, or does this functionality only exist in Workflow?

Thank you!

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replied on January 12

This would require Workflow. I usually do the following:

  1. Save to Repository with either
    • A field set with the BP Instance Id, or
    • A guaranteed unique path\name
  2. Workflow Service Task
    1. Locate the document with a field/metadata search, or with Find Entry and the path\name
    2. Set Business Process Variables to store the id into a form variable
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replied on January 13

Thank you Jason, I've used that approach as well but was hoping it was achievable inside the Business Process itself. Perhaps it will be a future enhancement, would be nice to have. 

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