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How to change format for date search in Laserfiche

asked on January 12

A client found an issue when searching for records within a certain date range.

This seems to be caused by an incompatibility between the Laserfiche date search feature, which uses a US-based format (MM/DD/YY) for search and the way the records are stored, which is a Euro-based format (DD/MM/YY).

Records were captured in the Euro format but when attempting to search the default is the US format and when they hard coded the Euro format into the search the system told them that was incorrect.

I'm sure there must be a way to change the format users would enter for a date search but I was unable to find this on answers or in help.

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replied on January 12 Show version history

Dates are stored in a way that is not locale specific. The windows and web clients should automatically detect the system date format when searching to avoid this problem, but it sounds like it isn't working for you. Can you clarify what kind of search you are running and which application (web vs desktop) and version you are using?

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replied on January 13

They are performing a search on a date field assigned to some test documents. This is in the Web Client. I thought this may be the region setting on the web server but changing the setting there didn't appear to change anything in the Web Client when entering the date searches.

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