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Patch method for Web Request

asked on January 12

So I am relatively new to web requests.  In our Cloud environment I am working on an internal project working with the Outlook calendar.  In on prem workflow there are built in tools but in Cloud there are not.

I am using the Microsoft Graph API to connect to Office 365.  I have authentication working, searching for users, and I am able to create calendar events.  Now I am on to editing calendar events.  Through the documentation and confirmed through form posts, apparently the method used to update is PATCH.

In Cloud we do not have that as an option:


Am I missing something obvious or is it not possible to perform those methods in Cloud?




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replied on January 12 Show version history

Hi Chris,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. That seems like an unintentional omission and I'll raise it with the appropriate team. While PATCH methods are relatively less common in HTTP APIs, PATCH still a valid HTTP verb. 

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replied on January 12

Great, thank you Sam.  Everything I can tell from Microsoft indicates that this is the method needed to allow updating of event in Office 365 so hopefully not too narrow of functionality and they can add it in.  It does seem to be an available option in on prem workflow web request activity.  Thanks again.

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replied on January 12

This is now filed as Business Rules feature 360609: "Web Request Rule support for the "PATCH" HTTP request method" and the team is going to take a look.

Could you provide a link to the relevant calendar event update method documentation reference so I can add that to the feature request?


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replied on January 13

Sure, I was going off the documentation found here.

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