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Dynamic Team Filter using Alphabetical Logic

asked on December 3, 2021

Does anyone have an example of a dynamic team filter they have setup where it uses the first letter of the users last name to filter to different teams? 

I have a payroll form I've rolled out that the payroll office doesn't want to use the round-robin feature to assign tasks. 

They want to break out the tasks by last name alphabetically ( A-L and M-Z ).  I was just thinking of having a hidden field that pulls in the last name but limits the characters to the first. 


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replied on December 3, 2021 Show version history

Hi Martin, unless you're really good with JS, this is likely the easiest way to do this

In your Payroll Team create 2 Roles "RoleAL" and "RoleMZ"

On the form create a field called RolebyLetter (you can change the variable name if so choose). The field variable name will be used below.

In the RolebyLetter field use this formula


This will return the Role to be selected based on where the Left char of the last name is found in the string, I have to have both upper and lower characters in the string as Find is case dependent.

In the dynamic Filter, create the following Filter to use with your Payroll Teams Task Assignment


It should now route the task to the employee assigned to the RoleAL or RoleMZ Roles based on the first letter of the Last Name

Hope this helps


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replied on December 3, 2021

Thanks Steve! 

That's a very clever approach. I will work on setting it up. 

Thanks again for the response. 

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