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Workflow time tokens - perform calculation to determine how much time elapsed

asked on December 2, 2021 Show version history


We have a customer who wants to be able to run some reports on the time it takes for trucks to get through their facility. We're already capturing an arrival time (initial weight time) and departure time (final weight time) - the trucks get weighed as they arrive and weighed before they depart. With those two time tokens, can we use Workflow to create a 'wait time' token somehow?

Every time a truck passes through their facility, we get a PDF that we're able to pull custom metadata from (that's where we get the initial and final weight times), fill out field values, and write the data to a SQL table for other processes . Our thought was to add another column to this SQL table and put this 'wait time' token in there, too. The customer utilizes Power BI for data visualization and reporting but they're struggling to calculate the wait time in Power BI and asked if we could get the wait time for them, and then they can use it in Power BI. 


Screenshot below of what the two time tokens available in Workflow look like. I've tried a few different calculations using these two tokens but can't get anything that returns something like 00:04:40, in this case. 

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replied on December 2, 2021

If you need it in a table I suggest you do it in SQL.  Use the DATEDIFF function to calculate the difference in minutes and then parse it into the format you want.

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