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how get file extension with SDK when not electronic document

asked on November 29, 2021

Can get the file extension of electronic documents just fine with the SDK, that value seems to be empty with laserfiche documents?  Trying to export documents, how can we get this extension?

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replied on November 29, 2021

Laserfiche documents will be exported as either an image or as a PDF, depending on the format you choose. For example:

DocumentInfo docInfo = Document.GetDocumentInfo(entryId, session);
DocumentExporter docExporter = new DocumentExporter();

// Export as PDF
docExporter.ExportPdf(docInfo, docInfo.AllPages, PdfExportOptions.None, "C:\\temp\\" + docInfo.Name + ".pdf");

// Export as multipage Tif
docExporter.PageFormat = DocumentPageFormat.Tiff;
docExporter.ExportPages(docInfo, docInfo.AllPages, "C:\\temp\\" + docInfo.Name + ".tif");


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replied on November 29, 2021

Laserfiche documents do not have a file extension. They can be exported in various formats like PDF, but a native Laserfiche document is a collection of multiple TIFF pages, metadata, etc., not a pdf, docx, xlsx, or other type of file.

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replied on November 29, 2021 Show version history


If is not an electronic document, assume that the extension will always be TIF.

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