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Forms calculation - combine two IF formulas

asked on November 23

I'm trying to combine two IF formulas in a form calculation and am not sure how to do this. This is all based on three different dates: 1) expiry date, 2) cut off date, and 3) application date and must follow the following rules:

If the Application Date is before the Cut Off Date the cost is $100

If the Application Date is between the Cut Off Date and Expiry Date the cost is $650

If the Application Date is after the Expiry Date the cost is $1000


I've come up with the following formulas and they work individually, but how do i combine them? 

=IF(Expire<CutOff, 550, 0)

=IF(Expire<Application, 1000, 550)

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replied on November 23 Show version history

You want to nest the IF formulas inside one another so that one of the values for the first if is the result of the second if like



For example



Which effectively works out to be

If Application Date before Cut Off

        Then 100


        If Application Date after Expiry Date

                Then 1000

        Else 650


If a value is not before the cut off or after the expiry, then it must be between them so you only need the two conditions.

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