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Forms exclusive gateway - if any box is checked on a checkbox field

asked on November 22 Show version history


Working on a Forms process for a customer and one of the fields on the form is a checkbox with close to 50 boxes they can check. We want a task to be assigned to a team if any box is checked. When setting up the outflow from the exclusive gateway, using the checkbox form field in question, I don't see a way to say 'any of the boxes is checked.' Instead, it looks like I may need to pick each of the 50 ish options, separated by 'or' operators.

Does that sound right? Am I missing something super easy? Could I maybe say '/dataset/Checkbox_Field/!=""' instead?


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replied on November 23

You can use expression such as '/dataset/Checkbox_Field/*="checked"'.

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replied on November 24

Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

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