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How to make field leave Trailing/Leading spaces

asked on November 22

I know it's a feature of Forms to automatically truncate leading/trailing spaces from lookup fields, and it seems all derived calculated fields as well.  I have a fairly unique use-case for needing to preserve leading/trailing spaces and I was wondering is there ANY way to disable the auto-trim feature built into forms for a specific field or even for all fields on a form.  Any means would be fine, can I remove a class from a text box or disable something through Javascript?  I have a field inside a collection where I expect the user to enter some text that may or may not contain leading or trailing spaces, I then use calculation rules to group all of these fields into a "Combined" field, but all leading and trailing spacing is being removed in the "Combined" field.  I have tried every calculation formula I can think of.  Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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replied on November 25


I have a similar situation, I am using a field to do a lookup, the result of this lookup I use to make another lookup and fill in a group of fields (1st lookup bank account, when I have the bank account I do the second lookup, number check, these two work, but when doing the check number lookup it eliminates the spaces at the beginning of the check number, so doing the 3rd lookup does not find that check number, which makes the 3rd lookup not work lookup)

What I need is disable the trim funtionality on the check number lookup.




Ricardo Cairo

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