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Federated Search - Crawl data in a temp folder filling the C drive

asked on November 21


Today we decided to setup the indexing of a 1TB windows share containing MS-Office documents using Federated Search. 

We had setup the index files to reside in a large drive (allocated letter "D") on the Application server.

Unfortunatly, later in the day, we noticed the C drive of our Application Server had run out of space, and that it was taken up with a large amount of data in:


Why would the file crawler service fill our C drive, and not use the D drive as configured? 
How might we overcome this issue? 

Any advice gratefully received.


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replied on November 23

Hi Richard,

C:\Users\<<usernameremoved>>\AppData\Local\Temp\FileCrawler is a temporary folder for processing files, and it is expected to be cleared after each file processed. Finally, the processed data will be saved in your D: .

According to your description, there might be some unknown processes (like Anti-Virus software) using your C:\Users\<<usernameremoved>>\AppData\Local\Temp\FileCrawler. You can use tools like Process Explorer to check which process hold the files.

Also, event logs under Applications and Services Logs/Laserfiche/Laserfiche-FederatedSearch-Service/Admin can help to diagnose issues in Federated Search. You can paste event log here, so we can help to locate the problem.

As a workaround for now, you can manually remove C:\Users\<<usernameremoved>>\AppData\Local\Temp\FileCrawler, or just restart service Laserfiche Federated Search Crawler Service.

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replied on November 22

Replying to myself, but that is no different to how my mind works anyway....

Does anyone think this solution will work?

I am hesistant to apply a Reg Hack fix for a diffferent but similar problem without knowing if anyone else has had success with it.

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