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Can not see what is wrong with my javascript, will not tell me when a collection row is deleted

asked on October 12

I have looked and looked and looked for an error in my code here. I have tried many parent classes from the collection itself to the entire form. Anyone know why this alert will not trigger when a collection row is deleted? Such I simple statement and I can't get it to trigger.

    alert('deleted a collection row');


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replied on October 12 Show version history

Try binding to the event to the .cf-collection element, this works when I've tested it. 

TBH I'm not entirely sure why your original code doesn't work, on the surface it seems like it should work. If you find out please let me know I am curious.

    alert('deleted a collection row');


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replied on October 12

This worked for me too.

However, I noticed that Chad's code works when this setting is enabled:

Very strange.

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replied on October 13

Using .cf-collection works, it is the only thing that works for some reason.

Maybe the search for child objects that the second parameter of the on method uses can only reach so far down?

I can even specify my class for the collection now, as long as I also specify .cf-collection IE:

.expensesCollection .cf-collection

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