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timestamp of audittrail file on Windows Server 2016

asked on October 12 Show version history



We have 2 instance of LaserFiche Servers 11.0.0 build 206,  one of the 2 Servers is running on Windows Server 2012 and the other on Windows Server 2016.


The one on Windows Server 12 is all normal, I can see the folder and file timestamp updating, while the one running on Windows Server 2016, the audit record are there and the file size keep increasing but the timestamp is the rollover timestamp, however the folder timestamp changes:




Any suggestion? Is it a bug?

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replied on October 12

Windows Explorer reports file modification times well for processes that follow the open/write/close paradigm, but it does less well when a process holds a file open for a long time. If you are really interested in the modification times of audit files, I would suggest using the command line. I would expect you'll see that the current log file has its modification time updated as events are written to it.

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