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Duplicate the dataset from different table field into one consolidated table field.

asked on October 11

Hi all,


I'd like to know if there's posiblity to duplicate the dataset from different table field into one consolidated table field within a form?


Currently, I'm using Forms v10.4, when I try to populate the dataset back to the consolidated table field, it'll generally populate all the dataset on each row. 


However, I'm looking for each row for each row, not all row from other table field populate into just one field.


For better understanding, I'll attach the screenshot below for kind reference.

Standard Outcome.png
all row populate into one row.png
dataset.png (40.58 KB)
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replied on October 13

Hi Chan

You would need to call the ROW to capture only that line of data into the table.

Add a field such as ROWID into your consolidated Report, you can hide this later. In that field put the calculation =ROW(). This will populate the field with the ROW number in your consolidateReport.

Then in your BU1, 2 and 3 fields, use the following formula based on the BU table you are calling


ie: =INDEX(BU_1,Month,ROWID)

ie: =INDEX(BU_2,Month,ROWID)

ie: =INDEX(BU_3,Month,ROWID)

As you add additional Rows to the Consolidated Report it will pull those ROW values from the BU Tables.

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