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Connector Chrome Extension

asked on October 11, 2021

While Connector works well for most locally installed applications, it can be quite cumbersome to setup & maintain when using via a browser.  It most likely requires setting up custom shortcuts that open the browser in debugging mode and/or making other changes in the system.  And while this gets it to work initially, it makes it even more difficult when:

  1. Deploying across a large organization
  2. The browser updates, removing the shortcuts and/or breaking the flags
  3. The user accesses their application some other way besides the configured shortcut (e.g. via URL in email, bookmark, link in IM, ...)


As more and more 3rd party applications are moving to cloud based and thus more than likely have a web front-end the users access, it seems there needs to be a way of deploying directly via the browser.  Is there any chance of getting a Chrome extension in the future that would allow an organization to easily configure & deploy connector's functionality from directly in the browser?

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replied on October 12, 2021

That's a great idea.  We've had Connector for several years, but have pretty much stopped creating new profiles.  Most of the applications we want to use it for run in Chrome and it's too much trying to keep up with the updates.  We've been told to turn off updates but that seems like a bad idea.  Definitely the potential for a great product

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replied on October 12, 2021

Yes Yes Yes, I've been wanting to ask for this EXACT feature for 2 years but I kept puting it off. This would be great, especially for colleges and universities.

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