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Search for unused templates

asked on September 9

How do I search for templates that aren't assigned to any files? I'd like to get a list to review and delete the ones we don't use.  

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replied on September 10

Now that you mention it, I'm not aware of a way to identify "unused" templates from the Admin console and that seems like it would be a useful feature to add for maintenance purposes.

The admin console does have a kind of safety feature to check for entries using a template before it will delete to prevent that, but not sure about a way to actively "find" them.

Normally I wouldn't recommend going directly to the database, but unless there's a way that I'm missing you could get a list with the following query.

SELECT * FROM [propset]
WHERE [pset_id] NOT IN (
  FROM [toc]
  WHERE [pset_id] IS NOT NULL
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