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Are the Laserfiche created integrations supported in LF11?

asked on August 5, 2021

I'm curious if the following integrations are supported in LF 11


LF Adobe Sign

LF Docusign

LF Salesforce

LF SAP ArchiveLink

LF SharePoint

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replied on August 5, 2021 Show version history

Adobe Sign I believe is, I could be wrong but, in the electronic file pane if configured correctly it will allow you to use Adobe within Laserfiche, as for the others I am unsure of but I know Adobe as a whole opens up within Laserfiche in LF11.  

These are the settings we have configured in the options to make that happen.

Capture.JPG (56.14 KB)
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replied on August 5, 2021

The integrations with DocuSign, SAP ArhiveLink  and Sharepoint are part of the Laserfiche product suite, so yes. As a general rule, the Laserfiche Server is always compatible with older client applications (unless specified otherwise).

The integration with Adobe Sign is available as a set of Forms and Workflow processes compatible with version 10.2 and higher.

I'm not sure what you're referring to as "LF Salesforce".

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replied on August 5, 2021

Thanks Miruna. I think I was given bad info or misunderstood as I had an expectation that it was an On-Premise integration. But after more digging to tell you what I was talking about, it looks to either be only Cloud/Hybrid, or something done via Connector. Though the wording on this page makes it seem like it's "native" in some places. Can you confirm there is no On Premise only, Connector free, Salesforce integration w/ Laserfiche that doesn't involve a 3rd party from the Marketplace?

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replied on August 5, 2021

Not that I (or the couple of product managers I asked) am aware of.

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