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Recommendation for logical volume maximum size

asked on July 23, 2021 Show version history

All our volumes are set to 10Gb for maximum size, then roll into new logical volume when the max is hit. Now one of the volumes has more than 200 logical volumes. I like to get a recommendation for the size of maximum logical volumes nowadays since  that 10Gb max was designed a decade ago. Is there a reference paper we can go by? Is there performance related if we set the max size too big? 

Thanks in advance!

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replied on July 23, 2021

Hi Margaret,

The current default value for rollover volume size is 20 GB. Anything between 10 - 50 GB is common and I'm not aware of any performance issue considerations at the upper end there. If you want to play it super safe, go ahead and update the rollover max size to 20 GB.

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