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Re-Size Single Line input field in Laserfiche 11

posted on July 17

When I insert a single line field input, the input field stretch all the way to right side of the page. How can I make the input small. In Forms you would just click on Small, Medium, Large or XLarge. I tried click and grabbing the edge of the field but it will not let me. I can size the field if there are more than one field in a single line but not just a single line. I can't seem to find that on Laserfiche 11 Forms

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replied on July 19

thanks, I had a feeling someone was going say that.

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replied on July 18

Hi Carlos,

You can still resize a single line field by adding CSS for it. Firstly set a CSS class(e.g. TestClass) on the field, then add CSS like

.TestClass {width: 50%}
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Resize Field Label

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