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LF Cloud - Multi Value output parameters from forms?

asked on July 6, 2021

Hey Answers,

I'm developing a solution for a customer wherein we would like to pass all values of all rows of a table to workflow, however, when I select these fields in the output parameters dialog I see no option to set them as multi valued. The resultant parameter sent to workflow is simply the first row of the table with none of the other values from the subsequent rows. Is there something I'm missing or am I going to have to push all the values into a multi line field with javascript, hide it, and then parse it out on the workflow side?

Thanks in advance!


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replied on November 15, 2021

This is a simple way that I've done it

Create Input Paramater's (Multi-Token) in Workflow to match the Table fields of the Forms Table.

Assign the Table fields to the Input Parameters in Forms (Workflow Output)

Create a For Each Value Loop using one of the Input Multi-Token fields that always contains a value (ie: I choose the Name field)

In your Run Rule, In the Parameters, assign the Value to the input field using the Input Parameter field and using the token editor, set Apply Index with the loop iteration.

The iteration will pick the value from the Multi-Value token on each loop

(ie: Index 1 is field value 1, etc). 

Do this for each value being written to. 


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replied on September 27, 2022



I finally got something to work in cloud!

In On-Prem solutions passing Forms table data to Workflow and then into DBs is childsplay and until I found this thread I thought it was simply beyond Cloud.

Setting an iteration on the multivalue tokens did it as long as you've got one thing you know will be in the table so you can update the right row.

Thanks for the trailblazing!

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replied on July 6, 2021

Hi Hunter,

I believe you would first need to select the Input Parameter to be multivalued in your Workflow, then you would be able to iterate through the values.

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replied on July 6, 2021

It is! Well, they are.
The input parameters are behaving exactly right and I'm able to push multiple values as rows to the table, it's getting the multiple values back (in case a user makes a change to the table) is where I'm stuck.  

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replied on July 7, 2021

So the way I solved this problem was by creating corresponding string fields in a hidden section and used a simple formula (=Table.column) to get all the values separated by commas. This is an okay workaround, but was just wondering if this was something that I'll need to be ready to implement on each output parameter that has multiple values.

Also created some javascript but ran into some issues using the "on submit" event listener. 

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