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Licensing question about "Participant" license.

asked on June 9 Show version history

Can I use a "Participant" licensed user to import files, via web interface, into the repository?  I know a "Participant" license has read only access to files in the repository, I just didnt think that it also would not allow me to drag and drop via web interface.  Thank you ahead of time for your help.

If it matters we are a on prem Laserfichae 10.4 shop.


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replied on June 9 Show version history

Hi Michael,

As you noted, a Participant license entitles a user to Read-Only repository access. Directly importing files through any repository interface (drag-and-drop in Web Client or otherwise) is fundamentally a Write operation. It requires the Import Feature Right which users with Read-Only access cannot use.

In addition to Read-Only repository access, users with Participant licenses are entitled to submit Laserfiche Forms. Forms can have file upload fields, and Forms processes can use Service Tasks to save those uploaded file attachments to a repository. That functionality may address your use case. If some Participant users need to be able to upload files directly to the repository through the Windows or Web Clients, I would recommend speaking with your Solution Provider about upgrading them to Full user licenses which provide that capability.

Hope that answers your question.


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replied on June 9


Thank you so much for you prompt response.  Exactly the information I needed.

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