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Copying last row/most recent row of data from a table in one form to another table in second form

asked on June 9

I am trying to figure out the best way to accomplish this as I believe it should be possible, and hopefully not too complicated.


I have one form that a user signs in by typing their name (also utilizes a lookup rule to search for their name as they type it in) and a signature field in the table as well. This table uses the selection "Append rows to the rows populated by a data source or variable". So when the user fills out their name and signature and clicks "Sign-In", it will save this data on the same page and will add another row for the next person to fill out. This part works great.


The issue I am having is trying to get the most recent row of data (Name and Signature) to copy and paste into a second form (which saves to the Repository). This will always be just one row of data on this page. I get it to work for the first person that signs-in but any additional users that sign-in, it will always show the name and signature from person 1 on the list. I need it to grab the name and signature of the person who most recently added their name and signature to copy over to the second form and save that to the repository

We are looking to get each row (person whos signs in using the form) saved in its own PDF file in the repository and not the entire list. I can provide additional photos if needed. Thanks.

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replied on June 14

Getting the last row of fields from a form and sending that to a new form process should be very doable with Workflow.

Use the "Retrieve Business Process Variables" activity to get the multi-value tokens from the form table.

Then using the "Apply Index" functionality in the Token Dialog, you can retrieve "the value at index 1 from the end" of the multi-value token.

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