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Docusign - Laserfiche Integration

asked on June 7, 2021

Hello Sir,

I am trying to integrate Docusign with Laserfiche.  Using my current setup , I am able to connect Laserfiche client with docusign.  I am able to assign docusign template to Laserfiche document for signature. 

My problem is now when I want to import signed document back again to my Laserfiche repository with document version. I have completed all necessary setup, but within DocuSign after service request , it shows 500 internal server error.

I am not able to find that whether its problem with Laserfiche side or docusign side.

I have tested below link and its works fine and shows message that "Logged into LF Repository"


I am using below link to connect from docusign to my server.


On docusign , When i checked log it shows "500 Internal server error".


I am attaching settings in docusign ( setting.txt ) with IIS and also configuration in docusign for connection ( docusign-1, docusign-2 and docusign-3)  ,Error within docusign ( doscusign error)

Can you please help me to solve this problem.


Pratik Barot


success message.png
doscusign error.png
docusign-1.png (79.63 KB)
docusign-2.png (62.85 KB)
docusign-3.png (33.27 KB)
settings.txt (1.81 KB)
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replied on June 8, 2021 Show version history

The problem is that the connection is using the "REST" data format and not the "Legacy" one (see your first screenshot). DocuSign recently made this change in the UI and switched the default. We have updated our documentation to cover this. You can't change this property, you'll need to delete this connection and make another. We do have plans to make the connector understand both, but there isn't an ETA on that yet.

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replied on June 9, 2021

Yes , problem with "Rest" data format. "Legacy" data format setting solved problem. ( see attached screenshot )

I have deleted old connection and created new connection with "Legacy" data format and everything working fine as per requirement.

Thanks for your quick response.


Pratik Barot


Legecy Settings.png
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replied on June 7, 2021

Also  I do not see any error message on IIS log. In IIS log , i am able to see below things.

Also See that web.config within docusign web directory with IIS.

Pratik Barot 



IIS log.png
IIS log.png (19.08 KB)
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replied on June 8, 2021


Did you enable logging feature in Docusign Connect Service config file ?

If not, enable it and it will tell you the exact error (you can also enable email error notification and receive the error by email)

To enable logging feature, locate features section in config.xml file as shown in screenshot below :


Best regards,

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replied on June 8, 2021

This is my current setting.

1. Where I am able to see Error ? On which path or location ? 

2. I am not able to recieved any email with current settings ? 

3. Please find the log files for IIS , I am not sure whether my request reached on IIS. ( see log attached )

https://servername/DocuSignConnectService/diagnostics/testlogin  >> shows message "Logged into LF Repository" 


Is there any way to check that whether my request comes on server ? 



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<AppConfigurationData xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">
            <DefaultFolder>\DocuSign\Signing Completed</DefaultFolder>

            <DefaultFolder>\DocuSign\Signing Declined</DefaultFolder>
            <DefaultFolder>\DocuSign\Signing Voided</DefaultFolder>


  <ErrorNotifications Enabled="true">
    <!-- Error , Warning, Information, None -->
    <!-- 0 equals Auto -->
    <!-- Leave blank if not necessary -->

fr0001871.txt (943.39 KB)
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replied on June 8, 2021


If the email configuration was correct, check your SPAM Folder if you received anything.

I had a similar error (500 which means internal error) in the past and it was due to the version of docusign connect (does not support docusign enveloppes with attachments) and resolved by upgrading the version of the Docusign Connect.

I managed to find out the issue by enabling email notifications and I received a detailed message of the error.

Best regards,


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replied on June 8, 2021

I have checked that nothing in SPAM folder. Email not works , may be server denied request.

I am not sure , whether problem with server security ? 

What is the best way to check that request reached to IIS docusing directory ? 


Please help me how to deal with this solution ?



Pratik barot


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replied on September 1, 2022

Can you tell me what version you needed to upgrade to? I am having a similar issue, but unfortunately the SMTP server is Oficce 365. There is currently a bug within the DocuSign integration where it defaults to send emails from an account ending in, which O365 automatically rejects. So at the moment I am unable to receive email messages regarding any errors.

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